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“Winner: Best mouse 2018”

Rival 600

“Winner: Best mouse 2018”

Rival 600

“Winner: Best mouse 2018”

Rival 600

3325 sensors for next level precision

Introducing the world’s most advanced sensor system, the with 3325 sensors. The new sensor system combines true 1 to 1 tracking with breakthrough state-of-the art lift off distance detection. For the first time ever, you are in complete control – even on lift off.

Optical Depth Sensor

True depth perception for the world’s most precise and lowest lift off detection down to 0.5mm. Elevate your skill ceiling to the next level with increased accuracy, more control, and faster movement.

Huano switch 10M

Huano switch 10M sets the new standard for all gaming mice in the past. Experience incredibly accurate crosshair placement for all movements. No acceleration, no tracking errors, and no lag.

Maximum polling rate:125-250-500-1000 Hz (500)

While most gaming mice process lift off distance from a single primary sensor, Hundrel Model H-1 deploys a state-of-the-art dedicated depth sensor to achieve the world’s lowest and most accurate lift off distance. Never again have unnecessary movement when you pick up and put down your mouse.

Maximum acceleration: 20G

Hundrel unlocks an impressive arsenal of optimization that provides maximum acceleration developed by a team who accepts nothing less than perfection


The all new center of gravity tuning system includes movable weights and light-to-heavy customization, Para-cord cable, with Golden USB delivering the widest range of adjustment of any gaming mouse.

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RGB gaming mouse

The removable sides allow easy and secure placement of RGB gaming mouse with light-to-heavy customization.

Cool illuminated design on the side

Tune your center of gravity with customizable weight combinations for the perfect balance of any grip or game play style.


Developed with the three basic principles of revolutionary performance, unreal durability, and powerful flexibility, the Rival 600 delivers when the pros need it the most, in battle.

Huano switch 10M

The left/right click features a revolutionary reinforced Huano switch 10M split-trigger system that delivers the best clicks in gaming. Our exclusive 60-million click mechanical switches ensure every type of press is executed with precision.

Durable Silicone Side Grips

The Rival 600 side grips feature a unique silicone compound to allow for increased grip and durability. Crafted and designed to meet the stringent demands of professional players.

Maximum frame rate: 6666 fps

The 32-bit ARM processor delivers maximum frame rate of  6666 fps low-latency performance and allows you to save CPI and lift off sensor settings, custom lighting effects, button key-binds and full macros on-board for software-free use at LAN events and tournaments.

Customized gaming software

Hundrel HUB gives you a single portal for optimizing and customizing all your supported Hundrel gear: mice, keyboards, and headsets.


Every aspect of the Rival 600 design meets players’ demands for comfort. Whether you deploy a claw grip or palm grip, the shape provides lasting comfort for long and intense gaming sessions.


Hundrel develops award-winning 6D Gaming Mouse wired gaming mice. Constantly innovating from sensors to shape, find the right one for you.

Model H-1 will elevate your play to unimaginable heights. Built for speed, control, and comfort - we packed a full suite of ultra-premium features.

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Model H-1 is impossibly lightweight, ergonomic frame. Welcome to the next level of Competitive E-Sports gaming. Prepare for Ascension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gaming mouse and simple computer mouse?

Overall, a gaming mouse is a wise investment if you’re looking to get something that’s going to perform much better than a standard mouse. Whilst they aren’t an essential for everyday use, they can actually still be a good investment if you’re looking for a high quality mouse – you can still use a gaming mouse for every day stuff. Nowadays, gaming mice are affordable, so it’s likely worth picking one up if you’re looking to improve your scrolling sensitivity and comfort easily.


Our mice are available in the market in the best size and design. Having a gaming mouse can be a great addition to your gaming collection. Notably, the main reason why the most seasoned gamers prefer using the best wired gaming mouse is that they are easy to use compared to the conventional mice. Besides, they also make the gaming desk appear cool.

What is the best game software setting to use?

Software tuning is user preference. A general trend is low sensitivity users may like a lighter mouse, while high sensitivity users may prefer a heavier mouse. But there is no right / wrong setting. Experiment and find what works best for you.

How did you give mouse more CPI?

The usable range of CPI in the Model H-1 sensor is more than good enough for the current gaming environment, and CPI is not a measure of performance. Also, the sensor going with IPS up to 350 is excellent, and we don’t expect gamers to reach that maximum. With that in mind, we made improvements to another area – Lift-off distance.

Why does this mouse look so different from the other mice in your lineup?

We decided to spice it up a bit, and play more with lighting accents and notifications since our Gamesense integration now includes Discord! However, the ergonomics/form factor are very much same, delivering the comfort and quality you expect from Hundrel.

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